Do The Best St Louis Restaurants Serve Chinese Vegan?

Some people believe that Chinese restaurants are only about chicken, pork and beef. These people would be surprised to know that there are many Chinese restaurants that have a wide array of delicious and mouth-watering vegetarian dishes as well. Though these restaurants may serve non-vegetarian food as well, they do cook recipes for vegan guests. Further, due to globalization, Chinese food has adopted several dishes from other cultures. These new dishes have recipes that give them a typical and traditional Chinese feel and taste.

There are millions of people around the world who are fans of Chinese style vegan dishes and who look for best St Louis restaurants
One of the Chinese vegetarian staple is tofu. It is a spongy food which can be used as a replacement in non-vegetarian dishes of chicken, meat, pork, etc. Though a good cook can put together various complementary ingredients and produce a vegan delight, there are several popular dishes which are sought after by foodies around the world. One of these is Mapo Tofu, which is a combination of tofu, pepper, ginger, and garlic. More things can be added according to taste. Another dish is Green Veggies with mushroom. It is prepared by putting together mushroom, cabbage, garlic, sauces and spices. Then you can go for broccoli and garlic with spices and sauce. There are a variety of soups like hot and sour soup, seaweed and egg soup, tomato soup, etc. Get detailed information on this webpage.

There are several dishes which are made by stir frying several vegetables together. One such combination includes Chilly and potatoes. Green beans when stir fried taste great. You will obviously have to add salt and pepper according to your taste. Then there are Chinese pancakes with a variety of ingredients. And don't forget salads like, spinach and peanut salad, mix vegan salad containing cucumber, radish, carrot, etc. As a foodie, you will never get disappointed with Chinese vegan food.